Chapter Links

Author’s Note:  The following is subject to change, especially chapters toward the end.  The book is complete, but I’m still heavily editing.  Helpful suggestions are appreciated.

Chapter 1: Adan

Chapter 2: Grantham

Chapter 3: Bragi

Chapter 4: Gem

Chapter 5: Change of Heart

Chapter 6: Poor Boy

Chapter 7: Muninn’s Plan

Chapter 8: The Visit

Chapter 9: Bragi’s Beliefs

Chapter 10: The Invitation

Chapter 11: Sweets

Chapter 12: My Jewel, My Little Flower

Chapter 13: Friends in Need

Chapter 14: Fine Folks

Chapter 15: Repercussion

Chapter 16: War in the North

Chapter 17: Burden of Guilt

Chapter 18: Guests for Supper

Chapter 19: How Much Must She Bear?

Chapter 20: The Laudanum Deal

Chapter 21: The Rebuffed Suitor

Chapter 22: Independent

Chapter 23: Honorable Offer

Chapter 24: Mercy

Chapter 25: Suitors

Chapter 26: A Shadow

Chapter 27: Partners

Chapter 28: A Kiss

Chapter 29: Consorts

Chapter 30: Men’s Work

Chapter 31: God and Goddess

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