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Welcome to my blog, book, and serial novel, The Farmer’s Daughter.  I’ll be posting one chapter each week, usually Monday morning.

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I’m female, age 50+, married, with two dogs, two sisters, two stepkids, two grown sons, and two granddaughters.  I write, paint, garden, play video games, Words with Friends, and watch golf and football on TV.  I am a WoW addict, which is why I don’t play, although I might when my granddaughters are older and can play with me.  I also play the Dragon Age series, the Elder Scrolls series, and I loved Zelda, the first one.  I’m a fan of Star Wars, Firefly, and Star Trek.  Since I’ve gotten older, I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi.  Some of my favorite authors are Robin Hobb, Orson Scott Card, Jack London, Robert A. Heinlein, and Shakespeare.

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3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dragon Age & Skyrim fan here too. And I also left Wow because it was sucking up too much of my life! Mostly I’ve been playing DA Inquisition of late; the game still hasn’t gotten old for me.

    I’m a Shakespeare fan too–especially of the ‘history’ plays. Henry IV parts 1 & 2 are my faves.

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