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Thank You, Readers

Thank you, Readers, (especially Reno and Carrie, who listen to my daily rants) for the fantastic support I received while editing and posting the chapters of The Farmer’s Daughter. I had such nice comments from everyone.

The last seven months have been far more work than I imagined when I posted the first chapter in July. Silly me; I thought I had finished writing the book at that point. Turns out I was at the bottom of a very sharp learning curve. I doubt anyone has gone back and read those first ten chapters or so, but I have and more. Over and over and updated as well, not in plot or content, but for style and voice (whatever those are).

That learning curve continues, and I’ll never be satisfied with Farmer’s Daughter, but I had to start somewhere. Posting it has made me more aware of my deficiencies as a writer, which is a good thing because I can’t fix it until I can see where it’s broken.

Just as important was the experience of posting a novel on WordPress, where I came in contact with a larger writing community, people struggling just as I am to improve their skills and write a good book. While reading other blogs, I’ve found links to more resources, critique sites (Critique Circle and Scribophile), writer’s advice (Orson Scott Card, in particular), and become familiar with many self-publishing platforms along with reviews of people who’ve used them. I’ve also read the original pieces of many other writers and found work to admire and study.

I will continue posting stories for free. I’ve organized a writing hub, Muninn’s Memories, a separate blog where all my stories, from 100-word flash fiction to novels like Farmer’s Daughter, can be easily accessed. I invite and hope everyone who followed this serial novel will visit and follow more of my stories, hit the LIKE button and, especially, leave a comment! Like every blogger everywhere, I love the attention and support.

Thank you for reading!

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